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Presently there is a wait list for enrolment in our Pre-School program. For more information about Silver Creek, or to visit, please contact us at:

Silver Creek Pre-School
65 Hartsdale Drive
Toronto ON
M9R 2S8

(416) 249-9770


Before Silver Creek, Talie's life was a seemingly never ending series of doctors appointments and therapy appointments.  This was never more apparent than the day she told a neighbour that she got her hair cut 'at the doctor's".  Silver Creek has changed her scope of life in so many ways.  She is able to get a lot of the different therapies she needs all under one roof; and all of that happens in a structured nursery school setting.  She has made great friends and looks forward to school each day.  The staff at Silver Creek are wonderful people and amazing at what they do.  They are a great resource to have as well; very knowledgeable, willing and able to help us as parents through the complicated process of raising a child with special needs.  

Thank you Silver Creek staff for all of the miracles you perform each day.

The DeMonte Family

Linda and Darcy DeMonte