Let's Grow a Play Space

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Let's Grow a Play Space

It has been a sad few weeks as we confirmed that our PlayStructure must come down. Its age (15 years), combined with changes in safety standards, no retrofit options, and the frequent misuse and vandalism of our property made this decision evident. The children were exclaiming with misgivings:" What is happening to my favourite school bus?" "When can I play here again? and "Grandma, Do something about this!" So on that note: Yes, dear community supporters---Neighbours, Dads, Grandmas, Nonnos, Moms, Aunts and Uncles and Friends of Silver Creek: We Need Your Help! Let's rejuvenate this area. A natural, magical environment for healthy development and access for all children---that is the goal. Go to Donate Now and give what you can. A charitable tax receipt will immediately be emailed to you.

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Silver Creek is a place like none other. Having a child born with any difficulties can be overwhelming as to what one can do to make certain that your child has every opportunity to blossom as they grow. One can find themselves in a loop of appointments and worry. Silver Creek helped us out of that loop and allowed our confidence in our own abilities and decisions to be celebrated as Marasia's world opened up in front our eyes.

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We are forever grateful for the exceptional staff at this very special place who make children (and their families) feel like superstars everyday...thank you!

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Love, Cindy, Danny & Marasia

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The Townsend-Nunes Family