Our Mission

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Silver Creek provides a positive pre-school setting with therapeutic (physio, occupational, speech & language, and music therapy) services delivered within a caring and creative early education classroom.

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We help children with and without physical and developmental challenges to achieve success as defined by each child and family.

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We are dedicated to working with our families, the community and other professionals to ensure that the unique promise of each child is realized.

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Silver Creek continues to exceed my expectations with their extremely dedicated staff and high quality programming. My child has made huge gains during the past year in terms of mobility, speech and social interaction.

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The staff at Silver Creek are a very special group of professionals who I find care deeply for the children they work with while at the same time pushing them to excel and surpass expectations often placed on chldren with disabilities. Given the small class size, they have the ability to get to know each child and where his/her strengths lie, as well as what areas they may need to be pushed in. I learned valuable information from the teachers as well as the information sessions offered throughout the year. I rely on the strategies provided to me by teachers and therapists to determine activities that I should explore with my daughter, particularly around social development and play. Thank you, Silver Creek!

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Christine O'Rourke
mother of 2013 graduate Madeleine