The Parent Room

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Welcome to The Parent Room.

This space is provided to support your quest for information, to borrow a toy, book, DVD, to use the computer or to speak with other parents.

.  As the parent is the first and most important teacher in a child’s life, the necessity of parental involvement in their child’s educational and therapeutic program is essential to meeting goals and achieving success as defined by the family.  The following services were created or expanded to move Silver Creek forward in our efforts to help each child achieve their full potential: 

  • A more focused Parent Advocacy and Support program.  We continue to be grateful to Etobicoke Brighter Futures Coalition for their financial support of this project.
  • Weekly volunteer support in the parent room provided by a community member with expertise in social work and provincial policy
  • Parent in the Classroom project: a dedicated day for parents to participate in the classroom
  • Home/School Connection visits where teachers and therapists are able to visit in the home or alternate school program/childcare to promote cohesive goal setting and to problem solve around situations that are impeding progress.  These situations may be behavioral, health, medical/surgical issues, communication, ADL, school transition, or adaptive equipment in nature.
  • Parent Workshops:
    • CPR/First Aid
    • Keeping It Together:  make and take organizational binder
    • Sign Language 5 week course
    • School Transition evening, including the TDSB, TCDSB, and Parent speakers
    • Pathways to Printing workshop
    • Parents of former SC students: ‘What I have Learned” panel


For all of these programs we request/receive parent feedback, as well as elicit ideas for topics of interest/need.  Following are a few of the responses received:

'I find the support materials that were given are excellent tools, and really helps to remember and practice the signs' (5 week Signed English Course, Sept-Oct. 2014)

"Great facilitated discussion. Excellent--thank you.  I hope there will be many more evening sessions--great pace, very informative" (Caring for the Caregiver: Navigating the Health Care System, Nov. 2014)




the personal experiences were very inspiring and valuable in so many ways; all speakers shared excellent and relevant experiences; it was a great night with lots of good planning” (parent evening April 14, 2010)


“Very friendly instructor, very knowledgeable, sessions informative and educational; the course was great, but would be even better if it is offered early in the school year” (Sign Language January 2010)


“Very informative; all the explanations were done well; all tools were presented and explained; certainly I learned of ways which promote continuity of learning as well as the potential in other play activities which contribute to development of printing skills; exceeded my expectations.  Examples of activities for use were plentiful and practical. “ (Pathways to Printing, Feb. 2010)


“ I got to see my children in a different environment/ as a working mom whose kids take the bus I don’t normally get to see what happens in a typical day for them; I highly recommend keeping this program on as its great way for parents to get involved and also picked up lots of ideas about what they can do with their child at home” (Parent in the Classroom initiative)


Feedback from our families to these events/initiatives shows that we are meeting expectations 98% of the time; exceeding 25% of the time and that parents 98% of the time see themselves applying some of the learnings from the workshop/course. Our next endeavor is to reach more parents/participants in these activities, particularly our families who have language barriers or difficulties with access to transportation. 



I have had the pleasure and privilege of having three of my children attend Silver Creek Pre-School.  When my autistic son started at Silver Creek, he had severe language delays and problems with transitioning from one activity to another.   Silver Creek welcomed him with open arms and created visual pictograms for my son to aid him with transitions.  This reduced his anxiety immensely and he felt safe, secure and loved by such dedicated staff.  He had access to excellent speech therapy and we saw a remarkable improvement with his expressive language. 

My two hearing impaired daughters were placed in classrooms with excellent peer language role models to assist in their language and articulation development.  They received individualized programs to meet their needs.  Silver Creek prepared them well for mainstream kindergarten.

Thank you Silver Creek for all your dedication, love and individual attention.  We are forever grateful!


Amy De Domenico

Mother of graduates 2001, 2008 and 2012

Amy De Domenico
Parent of Graduates 2001, 2008, 2012