Programs & Services

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Every child has an individualized program within the group classroom setting.

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Assessments and goal setting occur throughout the year, with the parents and the teaching/therapy team, so that every child's individual needs are addressed.

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What makes our program at Silver Creek unique is that therapy--physio, occupational, speech and language and music therapy-- services are provided within the classroom setting. There is also the opportunity for some small group sessions and individual treatment, as needed.

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Our philosophy is that therapy is an integral part of the children's day. It is not an exercise program of a specific length, but rather a matter of proper handling, movement, seating, communication and cognitive expectations-developmentally appropriate-- throughout daily routines and play. We are working towards optimum independence in self-help skills and community living for our children.

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This integration of services allows your child to continue improving his/her gross motor, fine motor, communication and daily living skills under the guidance of these professionals while enjoying the play, pre-academic and social setting with peers.

Our weekly program consists of four half-days with a wide variety of stimulating experiences. A typical day at school for your child would look like this:


Arrival and cloakroom


Circle time (based on bi-weekly themes)


Creative and fine motor activities
Individual goals are also worked on during this period


Snack time (provided by Silver Creek)


Gross motor activities

11:25 am

Good-bye circle/cloakroom/departure

*Note: For afternoon classes start time is 1:20pm


Our first child started his nursery school career at Silver Creek 3 years ago. The staff were so patient, understanding and friendly, especially at the beginning when he only wanted mommy. They maintained such positive relationships with him that he really looked forward to going to "school." He stayed at Silver Creek for 2 years and had nothing but positive experiences at Silver Creek. His time there helped him make the transition so nicely to JK.

Our twins started at Silver Creek in the fall of 2009. They took the school bus to and from school. I knew they were in excellent hands and I saw them progress so rapidly. I was very concerned about their development prior to starting Silver Creek and in no time, they were at the same level as the rest of their peers. The impact the staff at Silver Creek has had on our children has been tremendous. We are happy that our twins will benefit from another year under their guidance.

Maryanne Tecimer

Maryanne Tecimer