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Thursday, June 28 2012



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Silver Creek has been an incredibly special place for my daughter Madeleine. When she started at Silver Creek in September her speech was delayed and she was only able to say one word sentences and in only three months she has started stringing together short sentences which has been remarkable. Her doctor just saw her in December and couldn't believe how much progress she had made in such a short time and thinks her speech is now on target for a 2 1/2 year old. The staff at Silver Creek are some of the most gifted teachers that I have met and while showing such love and compassion for all their students, they also have the unique ability to push students out of their comfort zone to help them excel in all areas of development. Thank you just doesn't seem enough for all that your staff do everyday.

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Christine O’Rourke, mother of Madeleine

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Christine O'Rourke