To the miracle workers at Silver Creek: 

Words cannot express the gratitude and love that I feel.  You have been able to hold our hand and guide us to the millions of possibilities that our son Fadhil has.  It is bitter-sweet because you have become Family. Fadhil has become a more confident boy ready to take on the world.  He is able to sign and communicate his needs very efficiently.  I am no longer worried about how he will do in school because of the great accomplishments that I have seen while he was at Silver Creek.  

Thank you for giving us courage and strength.  Our support for Silver Creek will never end.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The Gedi Family
Parents of Fadhil, graduate of 2013

My husband and I are so grateful for the wonderful and exceptional team of teachers, therapists and volunteers at Silver Creek.  It is inspirational and beautiful to witness daily the love, passion and dedication that they have for each and every child/student, and their professions.  They are the very best!

Stephanie Lockerby-Tweedy

Silver Creek continues to exceed my expectations with their extremely dedicated staff and high quality programming.  My child has made huge gains during the past year in terms of mobility, speech and social interaction.

The staff at Silver Creek are a very special group of professionals who I find care deeply for the children they work with while at the same time pushing them to excel and surpass expectations often placed on chldren with disabilities. Given the small class size, they have the ability to get to know each child and where his/her strengths lie, as well as what areas they may need to be pushed in.  I learned valuable information from the teachers as well as the information sessions offered throughout the year.  I rely on the strategies provided to me by teachers and therapists to determine activities that I should explore with my daughter, particularly around social development and play.  Thank you, Silver Creek!

Christine O'Rourke
mother of 2013 graduate Madeleine

Silver Creek is a wonderful, caring and enriching experience for pre-schoolers. The progam met our expectations (which were high!) because we had spoken with other parents whose children previously attend Silver Creek Pre-School.  The teachers and staff exceeding our expectations. Everyone at Silver Creek is sincerely warm and caring.  Clearly, this is more than just a job for the people who work at Silver Creek and all give 100% to the children each and every day.  We are so lucky to have Silver Creek Pre-School in our community.  We love Silver Creek and wouldn't change a thing! 

Julie Guzzo
Parent, mother of Sienna 2012 graduate


I have had the pleasure and privilege of having three of my children attend Silver Creek Pre-School.  When my autistic son started at Silver Creek, he had severe language delays and problems with transitioning from one activity to another.   Silver Creek welcomed him with open arms and created visual pictograms for my son to aid him with transitions.  This reduced his anxiety immensely and he felt safe, secure and loved by such dedicated staff.  He had access to excellent speech therapy and we saw a remarkable improvement with his expressive language. 

My two hearing impaired daughters were placed in classrooms with excellent peer language role models to assist in their language and articulation development.  They received individualized programs to meet their needs.  Silver Creek prepared them well for mainstream kindergarten.

Thank you Silver Creek for all your dedication, love and individual attention.  We are forever grateful!


Amy De Domenico

Mother of graduates 2001, 2008 and 2012

Amy De Domenico
Parent of Graduates 2001, 2008, 2012